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3 Ideas To Help You Become More Productive
By: Joseph Small  -  7/29/2013

The Pomodoro Technique
Would you like to learn a method that can help you get more done in less time, stay motivated, without a lot of anxiety or fatigue? The Pomodoro technique has helped many people achieve those results.
This technique is a time management method created by Francesco Cirillo, which uses a series of 25 minutes of focused work on a specific task with 5 minute breaks. After you complete 4 rounds you give yourself a 15-30 minute break and start over.
This is a great way to get projects, tasks, and ideas you've stressed over the proper focus to achieve quality results. To learn more about the method here is a link to Cirillo's book , The Pomodoro Technique (a free PDF).
Listen to Classical Music
Many studies have been conducted to document the effects and impact of classical music. Classical music may not be your number one choice in music, but studies demonstrated that the music help individuals increase their motivation, concentration, and recall abilities.
Many of the studies received criticism for not being true in regards to IQ and reasoning. However, studies on classical music and health resulted in lower blood pressure and anxiety. This may be the explanation for those who experience higher levels of productivity.
When you are relaxed you are more apt to have more focus. Another great alternative is smooth jazz, give both a try to see what works best for you.
Clean your Desk
Clutter is a distraction and mentally weighs you down. The clutter can impact your time by causing you to spend a lot of time looking for things. The distraction can cause you to lose focus on completing tasks that must get done. Clutter causes stress because for some it can be overwhelming. In a study by Adecco Staffing they found that your cluttered workspace can impact your relationships and reputation at work.
Here are a few ideas to keep your desk clear:
Clipboards are a great way to manage projects. You can designate one clipboard for each of your projects and hang them on your wall to get them off your desk. Clipboards help keep your project accessible and on top of mind.
Post-It Notes are great for managing projects as well. Use several colored ones in a notebook, with a page representing a level of urgency-get it done today or get it done this week. Write one task on each post-it note and place it in the right category. When the task is complete toss it if it's a onetime project, keep it if it is ongoing. Visually you will see all you must do and how close you are to finishing.
Does your team or department share productivity tips with each other?

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