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Managing Stress
By: Joseph Small  -  4/17/2013

Stress is a very real challenge we all deal with. Therefore, stress can impact employee productivity and can create an unhealthy work environment if it's not addressed.
"Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response." - Angela Morrow, RN  
The Causes Of Stress:
 Health challenges connected to chronic illness
 Depression, low self-esteem, and negative thinking
 Relationship problems
 Major life changes
 Family challenges
 Conflicts with others
 Unhealthy environments
 Social challenges related to finances, gender, or race
 Employment challenges
 Traumatic life experiences
Ways To Prevent And Alleviate Stress
Creating and maintaining a comfortable work environment leads to stress management. Here are 9 ways to prevent and alleviate stress:
Decrease work environment allergens-allergy symptoms can make the workplace uncomfortable and therefore creates a stressful work environment.
Use proper lighting in workspaces- improper lighting can contribute to stress. Fluorescent lighting contributes to stress because of the constant blinking usually not noticed until they start to age.
Create a clutter free workspace and environment- a clutter free environment helps you to think clearly and brings peace to the workspace.
Use ergonomically correct furniture-ergonomically correct furniture prevents and alleviates stress by creating a healthy body alignment. This keeps your back, ligaments, and joints healthy.
Take several breaks-getting up, walking around, and taking a break from staring at the computer screen reduces eyestrain and body aches.
Meditate-meditation is proven to benefit your mind and body in managing stress. It will train your mind to clear stressful thoughts from your mind and to focus on positive thoughts.
Laugh-laughter makes you more resilient to stress and improves your attitude by releasing endorphins.  Endorphins are a chemical reaction from the brain that makes you feel good.
Train your brain-training your brain to respond in a positive way to stress helps you to cope and alleviate stress.
Positive thoughts-focus on the positive so that you won't be led down the path of negativity which leads to stress. 
Does your workplace address stress management?
How does stress impact your work performance?
Identify people in your workplace who manage stress well and those who do not. How do their work spaces differ?

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