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What is Visualization?
By: Art Stanley  -  8/8/2011

Visualization is essentially the process of guided imagery meditation. It's getting yourself into a deeply-relaxed state and then using your mind to create positive images of something you want to, have, or be. Visualization is conscious creation. It's using the power you were born with to live life on purpose, rather than by default. Each of us creates our own reality, consciously or unconsciously. Either we choose to focus and thereby move in the direction of our dreams or we accept life as it comes, seemingly unaware of our unlimited capacity to take control and shape the details as we choose.


It's our attitudes and beliefs that shape our experiences and dictate who and what we tend to draw into our lives. Like attracts like. That's the Law of Attraction in action and it's what we purposely engage when we use the power of visualization to imagine something we want.

Conscious creation is empowering. It puts you in charge and control of your life. You're no longer a cork floating aimlessly on the water but a boat of maximum strength, speed and agility, capable of taking you wherever you want to go.   Read more . . .



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