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Allergen Remediation In Office Spaces
By: Joseph Small  -  1/24/2011

Residents of Seattle have to deal with high levels of pollen, as allergen can increase because of heavy rainfall, a common occurrence in this Pacific Northwest city.

When many people come into contact with allergens, their immune system can overreact. The results -- itchy, watery eyes and congestion -- are a nuisance for people who have allergies and can sometimes create serious health issues. Within Seattle, there are several common allergens that tend to cause many people such problems. These include pollen, mold, dust mites and pet allergens. The rainy Seattle weather can increase the levels of some of these allergens, and therefore residents must be ready to deal with them.

Pollen and Allergen Removal

Once in a while, having the harmful allergens contained in the deep core of your upholstered furniture extracted is a good idea. This chemical free process is a proven way to sustain a healthy work and home environment

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