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The “Between the Lines” News Blog. is a series of collected and reproduced articles from industry publications. These stories are provided in this brief format to keep you current on important and interesting industry information. You can receive more detailed information by accessing the URL provided in each article brief. You may unsubscribe by e-mailing or phoning our office.

Innovation: Adding Value by Inspired Creativity
By: Joseph Small  -  1/14/2014
Innovation is the act of introducing something new such as a method or a device.
True innovation comes from solving an issue or discovering the need to improve how something is done, how it functions, the way it is made, and/or a process. Innovation is driven and inspired by creativity.
Those who are inspired to make something better and more purposeful are crowned innovators. They line pages in books with their ideas and persona. They are memorialized through their images, their birthdays, special holidays, in their quotes, and throughout the World Wide Web.
In business and in the workplace the innovators are those that add value to the organization and instill a sense of pride in the purpose and mission the organization was founded upon.
Workplace innovators are aware of the issues, challenges, and elements that drive the business beyond its goals and vision; thereby making the organization profitable.
They combined their values, pride, and awareness and create strategic change. Change that takes the past, the present, and the future into consideration; they purposefully plan and organize an innovative outcome.
The outcome is improved when it combines the efforts of not just one person; but a committed team. A skilled team that is able to make the goal a reality.
Are you innovative?
Is your work environment ready for innovation?
When was the last time you were regarded as innovative?

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