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E-Procurement: Ideas for Selecting the right Supplier
By: Joseph Small  -  1/25/2013

As a procurement agent you aren't just a buyer of goods and services. You are a problem solver and an important part of fulfilling project or service goals for your organization. What do you do when you're suppliers offer the same product? Choosing between them may force you to select by price alone. However, price is not always the best indication of the right supplier. Here are some ideas to guide your decision-making:
Understand The Need

Understanding the need helps you to understand the answer; therefore creating a wise long-term solution. Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • Who is making the request, or who is the product or service for?
  • Consider the department and its environment, what is important to its daily purpose and function?
  • What is the reason for their need?

Do Your Research
Understanding your supplier's solutions, unique talents, knowledge, and history will make your decision easier. Price once again may not be your best guide. Here are a couple of points to consider in light of your knowledge of their need.

  • What supplier has solutions for the problem?
  • What supplier has the most knowledge and/or experience regarding this problem?
  • What supplier is the most helpful in regard to this need?
  • In light of the need and based on your supplier research; who can fulfill and address the need the best?

Do you have a structured process you or your workplace has created to select the right supplier?

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