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What is eSourcing?
By: EPIQ  -  6/2/2011

While over 90% of businesses do use e-procurement strategies to some extent, most lump e-sourcing in under the terms wider umbrella of meaning: using the Internet to assist in the purchase of goods and services needed by a business. The reality is that e-sourcing is actually a separate category of techniques that focuses primarily on the quality and price of products used in the creation of a business's product. Since for many companies these direct materials make up a sizable chunk of their purchasing budget, it is in their best interest to implement some e-sourcing best practices. After all, one research group concluded that e-sourcing could save all businesses in the United States of America almost surly $700 billion dollars per year.

Obviously, e-sourcing can save money, but there are other equally important benefits as well. For example, e-sourcing can improve worker collaboration because these web-based applications can be accessed by all of the departments in a company. So if an RFP is being prepared in order to purchase the direct materials needed for a new project, then all of the teams and departments involved in the project can use the applications to contribute to the RFP. The end result is a clearer, more exact explanation of what the project entails. And because everyone is involved at that level, there is less resistance to the project in later stages.

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