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Doing More With Less
By: Paul Falcone  -  4/25/2011

It's a common scenario in U.S. companies today: A member of your department tenders her resignation, and you're told that you can't fill that position until further notice. That "further notice" period could be weeks or months away--that is, if you're ever able to get the headcount approved. How do you motivate your existing staff to assume the remaining workload? How do you do more work with fewer people? More importantly, how do you make sure you don't suffer additional turnover when your overstressed, overworked staff members are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer workload in your office?

While this article can't solve the economy's current problems, one thing is clear: We've proven to ourselves that we can do more with less. After all, we have been toeing the line in corporate America for a decade of unparalleled challenge. "What many business people forget, though, is that the post-Y2K slowdown was immediately preceded by the immense workplace challenges of the 1990s, which had many employees scrambling to keep up with heated company production and technology demands," according to Jack Kyser, chief economist at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

"The late 1990s may have provided seemingly better job security and a richer stock portfolio, but many of us were constantly running ourselves ragged at that time to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment," adds Kyser.  Read More . . .

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