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OK, So You Survived The Cuts. Now What?
By: Building Risk Assessment  -  1/24/2011

As job climates and duties change, so does the need for workstation assessments to insure a new proper fit to function. With many more people working in smaller cubicles on computers that havenít been reconfigured to new task, the risk of injury from repetition, improper lighting and noise increases. Arranging a workstation properly prevents these problems.
1. A workstation assessment analyzes a worker and his environment; the process is also called ergonomics. The assessment includes the physical arrangement of the workstation, such as computer and keyboard placement, chair setup and work surfaces.

2. Other factors considered in a workstation assessment are: noise levels, lighting and
3. equipment. The assessment is designed to help make a workspace "fit" the person working in it, not the other way around.

4. Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common work-related injuries occurring among people assigned to workstations. Arranging the workspace to fit the person and not the office prevents many of these injuries. Consult your assigned Safety Officer or furniture dealer.
5. Once a workstation assessment is complete, implement recommendations as soon as possible to increase productivity and promote a healthy work environment.
6. A full scale workstation assessment should be completed every six months to one year or as tasks are added or eliminated from an employee's duties.

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