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Airport Scanners: Are They Putting You in Danger?
By: Joseph Small  -  12/11/2010

The new full-body scanners in place at 60 airports across the country have been causing outrage in recent weeks – and that’s putting it pretty mildly.

From lawsuits being lodged against the Transportation Security Administration due to their “intrusive” pat-down procedures, to passengers getting into scuffles with TSA agents, these new scanners are creating a lot of turmoil. And as the busiest travel days fast approach – with more than 1.6 million Americans expected to flock to airports over the holiday season – there’s no telling how some passengers are going to react. But let’s move past all of that for now and concentrate on the safety of the backscatter X-ray scanners. What we want to know is – are we putting our health at risk every time we walk through one these machines at an airport? And because I’m an OB-GYN, I am also concerned about women who are pregnant. Could these  scans affect the health of a fetus?


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